After giving birth 10 children, the family wants more:How the family lives now

Courtney Rogers, 36, is the wife of a minister. However, the number of children in the family, according to the parents, is not at all connected with their religious views. Yes, Kourtney doesn’t like birth control, but 10 kids is a conscious choice for her and her husband Chris.

In 2009, the first child was born and she has not stopped since then, she gave birth to 10 children, and also experienced two miscarriages. Moreover, Kourtney and Chris do not plan to stop now, as they want 12 children so that their family consists of 14 people.

The Rogers spend about 90 thousand rubles a month on food, they have a 15-seater van, and they do not have enough money to afford travel or new clothes for each child.

Therefore, on vacation, the family goes to relatives, children wear clothes one by one, or they are purchased at sales, and parents also stopped giving each other gifts at Christmas so that there would be money for gifts for children.

All this does not bother Courtney at all, although she sometimes has a hard time. However, she claims that she enjoys being pregnant, that there are many children around and that she can spend all her time with them.

It should be noted that all Courtney’s children study at home, and this fact also pleases her, because she likes to teach children and know what exactly they are learning.

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