Newlyweds Invite Groom’s Grandparents For Their First Dance After 65 Years Of Marriage.

After performing their first dance for the groom’s grandparents, a newlywed couple moved wedding guests to tears. A wedding ceremony is full of traditions and symbols, and the first dance of a newly married couple is one of the most treasured. It is considered the official start of dancing by the newlywed couple and is also the most anticipated moment for the guests.

However, this sweet couple decided to give another couple who had never had their own first dance at their wedding the opportunity to enjoy it that day, and it was captured on camera for thousands to see on social media. Samantha Estepa, a 26-year-old criminal defense attorney from Hicksville, New York, and her new husband Zachary Graff, 27, married on April 2, 2022, but during the evening reception, the couple decided to honor Zachary’s grandparents, Elaine and Morton.

Morton had to sit shiva after his mother passed away just before their wedding, so the elderly couple had to forego their first dance. Shiva is a Jewish custom of mourning for seven days after the death of a family member, so even if there is a family celebration during that time, there can be no dancing for the mourners.

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