The 23-year-old daughter of Antonio Banderas — Stella. What does the girl do and will we see her in the movies?

The children of star parents often enjoy their popularity and lead a completely public life with increased attention to themselves. But the daughter of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith — Stella — is the complete opposite.

She is rarely seen at social events, and each of her new photos that appear on social networks causes real delight and surprise, how the girl has changed and become prettier.

Having such stellar parents, Stella could not help but appear in the movies. She starred in several films, but lately, she has been more into writing scripts for films.

And also the girl is studying foreign languages, she is already fluent in English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, and Swedish.

Stella does not like to share her personal life, but it is still known that she has a boyfriend.

The girl inherited the best features from her parents because she is a real beauty.

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